Cemetery deeds

A Cemetery Deed or Deed for Cemetery Lot is a document that conveys burial rights, or the right of Interment.  A deed establishes the lot owners and lineage of direct heirs to the lot.  The recorded lot owner is determined by the purchaser at the time of the sale.  The Cemetery Deed will detail, and not be limited to the following:

  1. name of the Cemetery;
  2. location of the cemetery lot(s) (row, area/section, plot number and grave or lot number); 
  3. amount paid;
  4. name of person who purchased the lot(s);
  5. name of lot owner/grantee 
  6. heirs, if applicable;
  7. trustee and witness signatures; and

A Cemetery Deed must be signed and approved by the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees, witnessed and filed with the Township Fiscal Officer.

A Cemetery Deed may be purchased at your time of need.  A Cemetery Deed may also be purchased in advance for pre-planning burial arrangements.

Purchasing a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery Lot

You may contact the Cemetery Sexton to purchase a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery lot. 

The Cemetery Sexton is available by appointment and on call for immediate assistance. To reach the Cemetery Sexton, please call the Hinckley Township Administration office at 330-278-4181.  If you are unable to reach the Cemetery Sexton, you may contact one of the Hinckley Township Board of Trustees for further assistance.

The Cemetery Sexton will review the available cemetery lots by showing you a map of the Cemetery.  Once the available lots are determined, the Cemetery Sexton may meet you at the Cemetery to show you the location of the desired lot.

A Cemetery Purchase Agreement & Temporary Deed form will be completed at the time of your purchase and a copy of the Agreement and payment receipt will be given to you for your records.  The actual Deed for Cemetery Lot will be given to you upon the approval of the Township Board of Trustees.  A map showing the location of the Cemetery lot purchased, Cemetery Rules and Regulations and any other supporting documentation will be included.

The Cemetery Lot Prices are determined by the Board of Trustees.

Refer to Cemetery Lot Prices and Opening and Closing Burial Fees form for additional details.

Sale of a Cemetery Deed/Cemetery Lot

Any sale or transfer of a cemetery lot must be brought to the attention of the Township Fiscal Officer and Cemetery Sexton.  A new cemetery deed will have to be approved and signed by the Township Board of Trustees.

The owner must request approval from the Township Board of Trustees in the form of a written and notarized letter to sell back a cemetery lot.  A form letter may be obtained through the Cemetery Sexton’s office.

The cost to the township to buy the cemetery lot back will be the original purchase price less $50.00.

Example:  Purchase price $350.00 less $50.00 = $300.00