Safe Prescription Drug Disposal Program

Hinckley Townsihp Trustees Welcome the Safe Prescription Drug Disposal Program.

The installation of a drug disposal box allows our community to safely dispose of expired or unwanted prescription medications in a publically and environmentally safe method.  Residents can take these items to the Hinckley Police Department located at 1410 Ridge Road amd deposit them in the white drop off box (similar to a mailbox) located outside the main entrance doors of the Police Department.

Hinckley Township residents can aid in the prevention of teen drug abuse and improve the cleanliness of our water, by taking your unused and unwanted prescription and non-prescription medicine to the Hinckley Police Department in their original bottles or packaging if possible.  Mark off or cross out your name and address on the prescription medication bottles, and simply drop these items in the secure Drug Disposal Box.

The Hinckley Police Department will ensure these unwanted drugs are incinerated as part of the ecological and safe disposal protocol.

With the help of Hinckley Township Residents, we can keep our community safe!