It's Snowplow Season...Helpful Information as we say "Hello" to Winter

The mailboxes along our roadways have to be resilient and even more so when their resiliency is tested by impact of snow and ice as it is thrown from a snowplow.  While it may appear that most damage is done by the plow hitting the mailbox, in actuality it is the force of the ice and snow coming off the road that leads to the destruction of the majority of mailboxes within the township.  This article provides some suggestions for maintaining the integrity of your mailbox and what to do if despite best efforts, your mailbox is damaged by the effects of snowplowing.

There are four departments responsible for road maintenance within Hinckley Township.  They are listed below with a partial list of the roadways they are responsible for.  A complete list can be viewed at or a hard-copy can be obtained by contacting the Hinckley Township Administration Building at 330-278-2071.

State Highway Department:  330-723-0091 - Route 303, Route 3/94, and Route 606

County Highway Department:  330-722-9357 - Mattingly Road - West of River, Boston Road (Rt. 13), State Road (Rt. 44), West 130th Street, Bellus Road - East of 606 and to State Road, Stony Hill - North of Center Road (Rt. 303) to Mattingly.

Cleveland Metroparks:  330-278-4544 - All roadways within Hinckley Reservation (excluding State Road)

Hinckley Service Department:  330-225-2276 - All remaining roadways and subdivisions, including Stony Hill Road - South of Center Road (Rt 303) tp Ledge (Rt 3), Mattingly Road East of River, and Bellus Road West of Rt 606 and East of State.

If you are concerned with the quality of winter snow maintenance please refer to this list in order to contact the proper department.  Each of the entities listed above are also responsible for mailbox damage and must be contacted accordingly.  Hinckley Township is only responsible for maintenance/repairs/replacements on Township roads.

Each department has a different policy regarding mailbox damage.  In the event a Hinckley Township snowplow hits a box the driver will notify the administrative office and we will return (as the schedule allows) and replace or repair the box.  If you cannot wait for the township to undertake the project, we will reimburse you up to $25.00 in expenses.  This must be arranged through the administrative office.

Regardless of what entity is responsible for snow removal on township streets the best method to avoid damage is to assure that your mailbox is secure in the ground and the post is not rotted or of inferior quality.

For additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Hinckley Township Service Department at the number listed above or the Hinckley Township Adminstrative Building at 330-278-2071.

Refer to the attached Hinckley Township Road Map for determining respective department.




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