Hinckley Township Gardener Position

Hinckley Township is accepting letters of interest for the 2013 Township Gardener position.  The rate of pay is $9.00 per hour.  This position is open to a high-school or college student age sixteen and older.  Applicants must be available to perform their duties beginning in April through November of 2013.  This position will work with a trustee and the Hinckley Township Service Department to maintain all landscaped Township gardens including Memorial Park, The Hinckley Historical Society, the Township Administration Building and the entrance to Kobak Baseball Fields.  Further requirements include installing and maintaining seasonal plantings and watering.  Additional duties may be required.

To be considered applicants must be able to lift at least 25 lbs and be able to work outside for serveral hours.  Experience in garden maintenance is a must.  The position may require up to ten hours a week during peak seasons and will vary according to need.  There are no set hours and the employee may work at their own schedule.

Interested parties may submit a letter of interest, parental approval and two non-family adult references.  Please include contact information in letter.  Resumes are not required but will be accepted.

Deadline for submission will be Monday, April 9, 2013 at 4 p.m.  Submit to:

Hinckley Township  RE: Town Gardener

PO Box 344 Hinckley, Ohio  44233





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