Heather Barrett Named 2012 Citizen of the Year

Heather Barrett - Citizen of the Year 2012

For the past six years the "Hinckley Citizen of the Year Committee" has come together to consider the Hinckley resident who has demonstrated unselfish commitment in helping and providing support to the many needs of the community.  During the 2012 Memorial Day Parade, the following was stated about this year's recipient, Heather Barrett:

Heather is the middle child of Delmar & Jeannette Painting who has an older sister Dawn, younger sister Whitney and brothers Drew, Andy and Brady.  She is a Highland Graduate of the Class of 1982.  She is married to Brian, who is a retired North Royalton firefighter with service of 22 years.

Heather's commitment to the community begins with 27 years of service on the Hinckley Volunteer Fire Department, as an EMT, Intermediate and 36 hour firefighter.  Currently she serves in a leadership role as a lieutenant and supports Chief Potts as the department's Administrative Assistant.  She has two sons.  Son Shawn, 21, who is a graduate of the Hinckley Explorer Program and is currently a Hinckley Firefighter and A Marine Corps Reservist, serving seven months in Afganistan.  Son Justin, 17, is currently a Highland High School Junior and presently participating in the Hinckley Explorer Program.  Heather continues to support the family business as a lifelong insurance agent for Firemark.  She also works for Life Safety Enterprise teaching CPR and fire drills.

Among her many accomplishments, she restarted the Hinckley Explorer Program in 2002, mentoring and teaching members and its advisors on teamwork and firefighter skills.  Today, seven members on the department came from the Explorer Program.  Additionally, she supports the Hinckley Explorer Program and Fireman's Association with fund raising efforts by helping to organize the Fire Department role at craft fairs, Hinckley Garage Sale, Hinckley Party in the Park, and by selling her famous hot peppers and "one of a kind chili".

Heather has done an outstanding job, successfully writing in over $80,000 in much needed grant money to support the fire department budget for continued upgrades in equipment and training.

Heather's commitment continues to play a large part of her life.  She volunteers at Our Saviour Lutheran Church as a baker for weddings and funerals and any other activities that the church may need.  This year on Buzzard Day weekend, she took on additional duties by taking the lead in organizing the Fire Department's display table space in the gym.

When her son Shawn became a Marine Reservist, she became a member of the "Mother's and Wives of Marine Corps Sons and Daughters".  She supported the organization by participating in fund raising and assists with the Welcome home Veteran Day Events.  SHe also is a Blue Star Mother with Brunswick American Legion.

Every year on Memorial Day, she volunteers her time to clean the station and trucks and is the last squad in the parade in case of an emergency call.

If you talk to anyone who knows Heather, they will tell you there is no one more passionate about her family, being a longtime member of the Hinckley Fire Department and a person who unselfishly supports the community any way possible.  Congratulations Heather Barrett, Citizen of the Year 2012.





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