Community Garden

Dear Community Garden Members and Community:

The next meeting for members will be held on March 20th.  The Garden Members will meet at the Hinckley Historical Society building (the former library) at 7:00 p.m. and then to down to the garden site to chose plots.

Members who attended February's meeting determined the following:

1.  Deadline for registration would be May 1st, after that time any remaing plots may be assigned to current members.

2.  Raised beds are acceptable.

3  Consideration to height of plantings was discussed as to not hinder allowble light.  It was suggest that corn and sunflowers be prohibited.

4.  Garden membership shall be limited to Hinckley Residents.

If you have not submitted your registration from please do so prior to, or at this meeting.  If you are unable to attend please contact the Hinckley Township Adminstration Office at 330-278-4181.  As thre are a limited number of plots, if you are no longer intrested in participating please let us know so your plot can be given to another.

Thank you.

Refer to attachment for the 2012 Hinckley Twp Community Garden Application.