Cleveland Metroparks 2014 Deer Management Program

Letter from Brian Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Metroparks

The Cleveland Metroparks will be continuing their deer management program this winter.  A portion of Hinckley Reservation is within the municipal boundaries of Hinckley Township, and a deer herd reduction is planned for this reservation.  From 12 Noon to as late as Midnight, on several days during the period of January 21 through March 14, 2014, the main body of Hinckley Reservation will be closed to the public.

The safety protocol that has been successfully utilized by Cleveland Metroparks from the beginning of the program will continue.  Deer will be culled by using highly skilled and trained marksmen for the purpose of re-establishment of balanced ecosystems.  Safety remains the number one goal.  Our Hinckley Township Police has been notified prior to the initiation of specific culling within Hinckley Reservation.  The reservation will be posted/signed and closed completely during the management program.  All shots will be fire from elevated trucks or tree-mounted platforms using noise-suppressed rifles.

In addition to the posted closure signs, all residents who own property adjacent to Cleveland Metroparks property will be sent a letter informing them of the culling program.  As in the past, venison will be donated to a local food bank.

Cleveland Metroparks has worked hard to insure that the deer management program is safe, humane and effective.  If you have questions, please contact me Brian Zimmerman at 216-635-3295.