BZA Meeting Agenda - January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014 / Work Session and Public Hearing / 7:30

I.  Call Work Session to Order and Roll Call

II.  Review of Minutes

  1)  BZA Work Session Minutes 1/08/2014

  2)  Organizational Minutes 1/08/2104

III.  Chairman's Report

IV. Vice-Chairman's Report

V.  Board Member's Report

VI.  Comments/Other Business

  1)  Next Work Session:  February 12, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m. (approve 1/22/2014 minutes)

VII.  From the floor

VIII.  Adjourn


I.  Call Public Hearing to Order and Roll Call

II.  An Application for Variance (AP0176) was submitted by Pilot Signs - Ed Gonzales, contractor on behalf of Fresenius Medical Care, occupant located at 2583 Center Road, Hinckley, Ohio (Permanent Parcel Number 01703A37023) and property owner HCP I LTD - David Terry of 2557 Center Road Hinckley, Ohio (Permanent Parcel Number 01703A37011) requesting a variance to install two (2) directional signs at locations that do not meet the requirements as defined as Sign-Directional " or near the public right of way, directing or guiding vehicles from the street onto private property" of the Hinckley Zoning Reguations.

Zoning Reference:  Chapter 10 - Sign Regulations: Section 10.3.D and Chapter 3: Definitions "Sign-Directional" of the Hinckley Township Zoning Regulations.

III.  Adjourn




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