2013 Citizen of the Year - Charles Gibson

This year's Citizen of the Year, Charles Gibson, and his late wife, Carol returned to Hinckley after his retirement from General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, working as a marketing, research and product planning director for the Cadillac division of GM.  In 1999 they built a Greek revival home, in the fashion of historical houses in Hinckley to live on his wife's 105 acre family farm, which had been in her family since the 1920's.

He has a passion for history and knowledge of many other subjects including antique cars which comes through when you have a conservation with him.  As president of the Historical Society, he has presented the group with many interesting speakers, and productive fund raising opportunities.  To get the best for the Historical Society, he goes out of his way by driving to many places and talking to many people.  Every year he sells his collection of vintage automobile license plates at the Hinckley Garage Sale and every four years at Fall Foliage Tour, with all proceeds going to the Historical Society.  During the three years as president the Hinckley Historical Society has seen an increase in membership and a substantial increase in its finances.  As of today they total $7000 in available funds and $35,000 in an endowment fund.  This fund will be invested to generate additional income to help with expenses presently paid for by the township.  The goal is to have the Historical Society totally financially self-sufficient.

His love of the land and the preservation of the rural character were demonstrated in 2010, when he teamed up with Western Reserve Land Conservancy to place an easement on 22 acres of his property to permanently protect their natural agricultural and scenic resources.

Charles continues to be busy with volunteer work including representing Hinckley witht he US Cenus Bureau, Medina County Economic Development Corporation and most recently by being appointed to the Medina Coutny Housing Council.  He also serves an important role as the Historical Society liaison to the township trustees and he is very active at his church, Hinckley Ridge Baptist.

To quote Dennis Palik "He is a very friendly, helpful and caring person.  Someone who is willing to accept responsibility and persist in endeavoring to have projects done properly and efficiently with fruitful meaningful results.  He is a real assest to Hinckley.  My experiences with him have been enjoyable, educational, and much appreciated."

Our Citizen of the Year has been quoted as saying that Hinckley and its Historical Society is his family and loves them dearly.

On behalf of the Citizen of the Year Committee, the Hinckley Board of Trustees, I want to honor Charles Gibson as the 2013 Hinckley Citizen of the Year.




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