2011 Citizen of the Year Jane Carsten

Jane Carsten named Citizen of the Year for 2011

Jane grew up and graduated from Painsville High School.  She joined the Army Reserves right out of high school and was assigned to communications, patching phone calls to military families overseas, from 1983 - 1993.  She met and married husband Wayne in the reserves and they moved to Hinckley in 1993.  They have three children, Nichole 19, Jeremiah 15 and Leah 13.  Jane worked at Ohio Bell from 1987 - 2006 working second shift.  She volunteered her time during the day working at the school helping landscape, build a pavillion, sidewalks, plant gardens and help to install garden benches on the side of the building.  She left Ohio Bell in 2006 to spend more time with the family and with community involvement.  She was hired as a part time school bus driver in 2006 and became very popular with the kids on her route.

Jane's community involvement is centered around activities that involve older children, and seniors.  Her passion is working with kids at Our Saviour Lutheran Church Youth Ministry.  She takes pride in mentoring and developing children to become community minded leaders, known as "Team Effort".  This group raised money for a mission trip to South Carolina by doing a 30 hour famine.  She is also involved with Youth for Christ for Northeast Ohio, donating her time driving the bus for missionaries.

For the past five years, she has served as the Girl Scout Leader for Troop 341.  She trains program aides how to relate with other kids by teaching leadership skills and how to become role models at Camp Ledgewood and Camp Hilaka.  She has worked with church members to create a once a month Senior Lunch Program.  She visits and assists many of the seniors in the area, including delivering lunches.  Jane is involved with Operation Homes, where the church will take in homeless families for a week at a time.

She became aware that a local Giant Eagle was willing to donate day old bakery.  Jane has set up a daily schedule to pick up the bakery and to distribute it to local food pantries.

More could be said about this community volunteer, but to describe her own works "I have a sense that if a person needs help, I can connect them to those who can help."

Whether you see her in the township garden, the township buildings, driving the school bus or at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, you just know that this humble, caring and giving person is there because she loves to help people in her community.  Jane Carsten was honored as the  Citizen of the Year for 2011 at a May Trustee Meeting and recgonized at the annual Hinckley Township Memorial Day Parade.




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